Ruck #1:  04FEB21
Ruck #2:  18FEB21
APFT:      01-03MAR21 
Ruck #3:  11MAR21
Ruck #4:  22APR21
ACFT:     26-28APR21
BN Sport: 29APR21

Semester PT Goals

1. 100% of Cadets score above 250 by APFT 3.

2. 50% of Cadets score above 300 by APFT 3.

3. 100% of Cadets complete 8-mile ruck with 35lbs.

4. 90% of the Battalion Runs 4 miles at 9:30 pace by the Battalion Run.


APFT Standard

PT Notes:

  • PT will be conducted at designated schools

  • PT will be conducted from 0550-0700

  • PT plans are submitted to PTO NLT Friday before assigned PT week 

  • All cadets including athletes will participate in ruck marches throughout the semester

  • *MSIII CWST: For those who have not yet taken it



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