New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP)


The Johns Hopkins Blue Jay Army ROTC Battalion (BJBN) is hosting our annual New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP) on TBD 2021. As a new Cadet in our Battalion, we will offer you early move in, help you finalize relevant paperwork, issue your equipment, give you a taste of military training, and hopefully have some fun.

Our program is an introduction to the Army ROTC program as a whole, and it will give new Cadets a head start on the semester. You will have the opportunity to develop relationships with your classmates and orient yourself to the campus before your non-ROTC peers even move in. New Cadets will learn basic marching, teamwork, customs and courtesies, and begin developing relevant military skills in a welcoming environment.


If you have been contacted by a current Cadet within our program, continue to use them as your point of contact. Direct questions about paperwork, our ROTC program, or anything else to them. If you have not been contacted by us, but are interested in joining Army ROTC while attending one of the BJBN's member institutions, contact Mr. Lieseke at Once you have your paperwork filled out, let your point of contact know.


Make sure to bring all of your paperwork to NCOP, as well as a copy of your social security card and your birth certificate.


We look forward to meeting all of our new Cadets. I'll Lead!